We are located in the heart of the Forest Hills community, on the corner of Center St. and Heyer Ave. in Castro Valley, CA. We have become a well known fixture for the residents and the community of Castro Valley. We attract local residents, students and school staff in the morning, before work and after school. We are walking distance from five schools Vannoy, Marshall, Creekside, Canyon, & Castro Valley High which allows Café Rumi to be involved with the local schools and organizations.

Our Brakefast!


Wake up to our delicious breakfast foods to start the day off. We prepare the best hot breakfast sandwiches using nothing but the best ingredients, enjoy next to a nicely brewed coffee. Whether it's all-natural eggs and applewood-smoked bacon on freshly baked bread, or a warm bowl of Steel Cut Oatmeal topped with fresh fruit and cinnamon crunch, there are a lot of great-tasting reasons to love mornings at Café Rumi.

Our Coffee!


All of our coffees are organic and fair trade. We use the finest quality coffees we could find. Our coffees are Oak Wood roasted locally in the bay area. Our coffee is the freshest you can find! The most common source of fuel used to supply a coffee roaster with heat is gas. Our roaster, however, the first and only roaster in the United States to roast coffee beans exclusively over a fire fueled by Oak Wood. The differences are not what one might initially expect. Unlike cooking with a wood oven or grill, where the smoke from the wood imparts a flavor to the final product, the main difference between wood and conventional roasting lies in the quality of the heat delivered to the beans. Heat derived from wood has higher moisture content and is better suited for slow roasting.

The more oil preserved within the bean, the more exquisite the final flavor will be. The natural humidity within the wood seems to envelop the beans during the roasting process, hence preserving more of the lipids within. Meanwhile, the slow roasting aspect ensures the coffee is lower in acidity and higher in body. The result is most apparent in our espresso, yielding more crema, fuller flavor, and a smoother finish. For drip coffee for which we actually wish to retain the acidity of the coffees, we subject the beans to a faster roasting time. We hope you will enjoy a distinctive coffee experience which is impossible to duplicate.

Our Foods!


Our food is prepared with the finest ingredients we can find, using as much organic ingredients as we can get our hands on!  We have attempted to create a combination of really good eats paired with a nice ambiance.  We offer fusion mediterranean cuisine influenced by traditional Afghani cuisine. Our menu items are all halal, down to our pastries.

Our Bakery!


We also are a full line bakery, offering custom cakes and pastries to our customers.  We are able to make anything you pre-order. We do tastings and consultations for weddings and other big special events.  We also provide full catering and can host events.

We hope to serve our community.  We feel very welcomed in Castro Valley, we have fallen in love :)  Please feel free and open to give us any suggestions or comments.  We're here to serve you!